Q: Why Choose London Remaps?

A: Our Remapping service has been closely developed with the worldwide market leader in tuning tools and software – Alientech. We always have the latest up to date technology available on the market, as well as the most advanced tuning training: making our tuning services are the best available in the market today. London Remaps gives you the choice of the type of Remapping you require. Be it economy or performance tuning, we have the ability to reach all your requirements.


Q: Can my car be Remapped?


A: We can remap 99.9% of cars and vans manufactured from year 2000 onwards


Q: How long does the Remapping take?


A: 1-2 hours is needed to remap your car as we also carry out a full car diagnostics before and after.


Q: Do I need to come to you?


A: We are mobile in the South East London area and cover 10 miles radious. If you are a long distance from us we will try and group a custumers together from your area to make that trip worthwhile


Q: Will Remapping affect my vehicles warranty?


A: The way London Remaps reprogram a vehicle is completely undetectable. Any diagnostic test that a dealer may take will stay exactly the same. We can say it confidently because we rigorous test all tuned files, and we even give a Lifetime software warranty to you. No other remapping company can say this!


Q: Can the vehicle be returned to its original state?


A: Yes, of, but we will be very surprised if that is what you choose to do once you see the full potential of your car or van’s performance.


Q: Should I tell my insurance company?


A: Whilst ECU Remapping is fully undetectable, the legally correct answer to this has to be “yes”, you should inform your insurance companies. Although, most insurance companies will not penalise you for Remapping of this type, especially if you’re remapping for better economy…


Q: Will i use more fuel after the Remapping?


A: No in fact the opposite. Even on a performance Remap, if your driving the car or van in the same manner as you did before the Remapping, your fuel consumption will most likely improve. Economy tuning will considerably improve your mpg with huge money savings on fuel. As a rule the above mainly applies to turbo diesel engines and we guarantee you will save fuel on turbo diesel cars and vans. Depending on the make and model many petrol engine cars will also get fuel improvements.


Q: Anyway the life of my engine or the componets be reduced?

A: Not at all when using our ECU Remapping service. Sadly engines can often be over tuned, “straining” the engine, components, etc, and reducing the life and reliability of you car or van. This is why it is vital to choose the best – choose us. We take extra care to ensure all of our remaps have no effect on your car or van and we only increase performance to within the safe parameters of the components of the vehicle. In most cases the economy tune will actually help to extend the life span of components in the vehicle such as the gearbox and clutch by making the power delivery much less aggressive and smoother.


London Remaps

  • Authorised dealer of Quantum Tuning ltd
  • Lifetime software warranty
  • No-quibble refund if you’re not completely satisfied for any reason*
  • Guaranteed better fuel economy in turbo diesel vehicles