About Us

London Remaps is a company based in South London. We specialize in engine tuning and car servicing. Our team has a combined experience of over twenty years in the motor vehicle tuning industry. We are authorised dealer of Quantum Tuning.  We use the latest technology and innovation.


We are also IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) approved centre. 

Our business is unique, in the sense that we offer insurance on our remapping and a 14-day money back guarantee (general conditions apply). We also offer, lifetime software warranty. For every car we tune, we provide a bespoke ECU remapping service to customise and tune everyday road vehicles, including vans, trucks, and high performance cars.

We have a passion for our work and enjoy serving you, the client, at the best we can. Our enthusiasm has allowed the potential of everyday vehicles helping save the environment. We can adjust and tune diesel vehicles to run even less fuel than they already do!


Our Terms & Conditions