The Customers will be deemed to have accepted these Terms if they give instructions or place orders by any means for Work to be done or Goods to be supplied.



All prices shown/given are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change without prior notice.



We accept Visa & Mastercard, debit cards; we can also accept credit cards - payments by credit card will be subject to a 2% transaction fee. Cash is accepted as a deposit and on completion of work. All services/goods shall be paid for upon completion or in accordance with any credit terms agreed in advance.



London Remaps shall be entitled to carry out its obligations under this contract by sub-contractors but shall be responsible for the quality of their work.


Completion of work:

We will aim to complete all work on and within agreed times but we will not be liable for delays. Work shall be deemed complete when the Customer is so advised by London Remaps. We reserve the right to refuse to do work on any vehicle that is deemed to be not roadworthy or unsafe.


Uncompleted work:

If for any reason Work requested by the Customer is not carried out in full London Remaps will charge reasonable amount for any Work actually done and the then current price of any Goods supplied or fitted.


14 days money back guarantee:

London Remaps provide a 14 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the software ECU remap carried out by us we will return your vehicle to standard and provide you with a refund of the full purchase price minus a small processing fee. The conditions of this guarantee state that you are responsible for taking your vehicle to us where the re-mapped file will be removed and the original maps will be returned to your vehicle ECU (also known as returning the vehicle to standard). You (the client) will need to provide proof that the vehicle was remapped by us. If London Remaps need to return an ECU file to standard or up load a new file to your vehicle, there will be a small processing fee of £50.00. 14 days money back guarantee doesnt apply to DPF solution service.



We provide a lifetime warranty on the software that we install inside your ECU against any bugs or corruption. We do not accept responsibility for any serviceable items/mechanical parts(including turbo's, clutches/flywheels, gearboxes & engine internals) that fails this is not covered by warranty. We accept no claim for labour under any circumstances. We do not guarantee any gains in fuel economy in the majority of cases a gain in fuel economy is seen, due to many unknown factors we cannot guarantee this.


Postal ECU Remaps:

London Remaps do not take any responsibility for ECU damaged/lost in post.



Any refund given will be minus the installation charge and any fuel surcharge or charges we incur. Any vehicle that has a fault that is exaggerated by tuning no refund will be given.



London Remaps will not be held responsible for any accidents, damages, faults, or legal claims as a result of the enhanced performance of the vehicle. The user is also warned that the vehicle performance will be increased after installation of the remap ecu software, and due care should be taken by the user in order to adjust to the new levels of performance.