ECU Remapping:

mobile ECU Remapping - price depends on your location 

newer vehicles with EDC17/MED17 (Tricore) ECU - from £250 

DPF Deletion Service*


  • full car diagnostic,
  • correction of the exhaust gases flow,
  • software deletion of DPF functions from ECU,
  • ECU remapping to gain up to 30% more power and up to 20% more MPG.

 *price depends on make and model, please call for more info.


DPF Regeneration Service - £99


  • full engine diagnostic,
  • dpf forced regeneration,
  • clearing of the dpf fault codes.

DPF Cleaning Service - from £299


  • full engine diagnostic,
  • removal of DPF for cleaning purposes, 
  • reinstalation of DPF after cleaning,
  • resetting fault codes/dpf data. 

Special Offers: 


Visit Us - £199 ECU Remapping

We can offer a Custom Remap for your vehicle for only £199 fully inclusive, this is a special offer and you won't get a better remap even if you pay up to £500 to another tuning company, they won't do anything any different to your vehicle than we will. Full car diagnostic is also included in price.


Have a pair done for £350!

Book two cars in at the same location at the same time and we will tune both of them for only £350, this includes travelling to you and full diagnostic.

*Special Offers only applies to vehicles without Anti-Tuning Protection (where remap can be done through OBD port) and this service is only available in South East London.